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Why ChildLine and the NSPCC?

I really think the answer to this question, is why not Childline and the NSPCC. I made the decision to run for Childline (not realising they had merged with NSPCC) when deciding who to run the Flora London Marathon for. I happen to be watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the charity version and Nick Ross and Fiona Bruce from Crimewatch came on to raise money for Childline. Apart from only raising £1000, because they got a question wrong, it made me think about Childline and what they do.

I then thought how would I feel if after an age of trying to pluck up the courage to reach out for help, I heard the engaged signal reverberating down my ear. Would I give up hope or would I try again.

Someone asked me why I had used myself and not my children in the above scenario. It was simple I could never imagine my children ever being in that kind of situation and hope and pray they never need the services of Childline. However, I feel too many people just don't understand that for many children Childline is the only option to reach out for help.

This is why I am trying to raise not only money for these 2 charities, but also awareness of their cause. Children are our future and they deserve to be protected and helped.


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