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My Story

My name is Lois Kerrison and I am married and have 2 children, but how did I get to this point.

I have been happily married for nearly 14 years and when I got married I was a slight size 10 and feeling good. Over 8 years of marriage and working, however I slowly started to put on weight. After 8 years our first child arrived, then our second and of course I continued to grow. I did try after having my first child, I hired a personal trainer in an attempt to slim down, though I refused to diet whilst breast-feeding.

The crunch came when I stopped breast-feeding my second child and knowing I was not going to have any more children, I realised I also had run out of excuses, I was 3 stone over weight and had grown to a size 16, so I changed my diet. Hopefully you notice here I do not say I dieted. I hate that word, I changed my life style and that included my diet. I cut out the crap and when possible tried to eat healthily.

However, the life style change had to be more than diet, and a chance conversation I had had with a friend of mine lead me to believe that the way to a great figure was by running. So I said to my personal trainer what about this running thing, do you think I could have a go. So with a new pair of trainers, I went for my first run of a staggering 13 minutes (though probably only about half a mile).

Over the course of a few weeks I built up my time and one day turned to my personal trainer and said "How about we run the London Marathon in 2006?", her replied stopped me in my tracks, "How about 2005?". At this point it was about 9 months away and I was still over weight.

It was a start of a perfect relationship between me and the running. I lost all my weight and returned to a size 10, in fact I feel slimmer and fitter than I think I ever have. I ran the London Marathon for the first time in 2005 in a respectable 4:18, however I was bitten and I just wanted to get fitter and faster. After all her hard work and help I had outgrown my personal trainer with regards my running, she still helps me with my upper body work-outs, so I joined an the Kingston and Polytechnic Athletics Club under the guidance of Richard Holt.

I continued to improve and in 2006 ran a 3:40 marathon, and looked forward to my next target of 3:30. However, I did not manage to achieve this in the Flora London Marathon this year, due to the heat and the number of runs in the race. After the marathon I started thinking and from this thinking grew the idea of Challenge 40.

I would like to think that Challenge 40 could be more than just me running a few races. I am 37, have been very lucky in my life and want to give something back. I also feel that a message to everyone is that 40, 50, 60 or any milestone should not be viewed with dread, but to be challenged. I certainly don't feel 37 (though definitely look it) and why should I not celebrate my age, instead of wishing I was younger. If people spent less time worrying about how they look, or what their age is they might actually enjoy life.


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