Ever thought that there is more to life?
Never really acted your age?
Then Challenge 40TM is for you!!
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Big Thank You:

Adam Kerrison : I would like to thank Adam, because without out his unconditional support and love, and of course baby-sitting, I would not be able to do my running or to even to attempt Challenge 40.

My Kids: I have to thank my girls, I think they think mummy is funny because of all my running, however they support me and they do put up with a lot.

My Mum and Dad: I had to put this one in, I have always wanted to say that without my Mum and Dad I would not be here today. Joking aside, my Mum and Dad have always supported me and encouraged me and I know they are proud of me, thanks.

Jan Smith: Jan is my personal trainer, who not only got me to my first marathon and helped me lose all my weight, but continues to help in my fitness and still amuses me with her stories.

Richard Holt: Last, but not least I have to thank my coach. He puts up with me for ever ignoring his target times for my sessions, but has enabled me to achieve my goal of sub 4 hours and has, I think, more faith in me than I do. I look forward to his help in getting me through all the races and achieving a sub 3:30. Thanks Rich.


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