Ever thought that there is more to life?
Never really acted your age?
Then Challenge 40TM is for you!!
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Welcome to Challenge 40TM.

I suppose you are wondering what is Challenge 40TM. Well it's an idea I had to challenge myself to do something amazing before I reach the age of 40. In the process of doing my Challenge 40 I also want to raise £40,00 for NSPCC and Childine.

My Challenge 40 is to run 40 marathons or half-marathons by the time I am 40. That does not seem too bad I hear you say, why not 40 marathons before I am 40. I did think of this, however I will be 40 on the 15th August 2009, and there is just not enough time for me to do 1 - 2 marathons a month and to spend time with my family. Bearing this in mind I decided on alternating between doing 1 marathon 1 month followed by 2 half-marathons the following month (or there abouts) until I reach the magic number of 40 races by the time I am 40 raising £40,000.

So why the NSPCC? The answer to this question lies in the aim of the NSPCC:

We want to see a society where all children are loved, valued and able to fulfil their potential.

There is not really much to add to this, but to say that if by running these races and raising the money I can achieve this aim for just one child then it has all been worth while. Help me achieves this goal and make a difference to so many children in our country who need our help.

BIG THANK YOU to Hannah Austen who saved £1 out of her pocket money for every race I am running to donate £40 towards Challenge 40. Thank you Hannah.




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